Films: “Journey of Faith”

Retrace the steps of Lehi, Sariah, and their family
in these groundbreaking documentaries.

Journey of Faith chronicles the courage and faith of Book of Mormon prophet Lehi, Sariah, and their family through the eye of the camera and the insights of scholars. Filmed on location in the Middle East, Journey of Faith takes viewers to the place some scholars believe is the Book of Mormon’s Nahom, the place where Ishmael was buried, and to the most likely location for Bountiful where Nephi built his ship. This insightful and inspiring film offers perspective on how God molded a small family in the wilderness to become a new people of God.

Journey of Faith: The New World continues the journey into Book of Mormon history by visiting possible settings in the western hemisphere where events in the Book of Mormon may have taken place.

Journey of Faith

Journey of Faith: The New World